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Article: Spring Rise .. Declutter

Spring Rise .. Declutter

Spring Rise .. Declutter

By Tracy Pec

It’s time to open doors and windows, awaken our homes with the aromas of lime and geranium and reassess our living spaces….

Spring is a season that invites us to open ourselves up to new opportunities, discoveries and possibilities.

So how do we invite our spring awakening? With a de-clutter of course!!

Clutter…. What is it exactly?

It’s the home you cannot move in – the one with a buried kitchen bench…

A room you ‘do not enter’ – that houses all you need to sort through ‘one of these days’….

It is the cupboard you can hardly close – or the draw of scattered objects you dread to open…

It’s the office desk with a stationary collection of too many unused pens and pencils…computer inbox overload and paperwork sorting.

It is the collection of clothing in your walk-in-rob you hold onto for that ‘ONE DAY WHEN’…

It’s the many trinkets and gadgets stored for ‘just in case’….the STUFF we longer need or forget we even have!

The memorabilia of old letters; kids’ artwork, blurred photos and gifts we never liked….

It’s the ‘virtual OVERLOAD’ of WIFI and iCloud data.

Most importantly, it’s the ‘STUFF’ we purchase…. The stuff we think we need… to fill a void, create a temporary emotion that fills our home and our days….

Our homes are a physical representation of US.

The building we live in, the parcel of land we choose to reside on… the way we decorate, furnish and colour our home all invite a present life experience and emotion.

The type of clutter we have in our homes, and the areas they reside in, give us further insight to the influence and blockages they can create in our quality of living.

Clutter can influence our nervous systems, the health and vitality of our physical bodies and the energy flow within our living environment.

So, how do I begin??


1. Set your spring intentions.

What do you value and what is important to you moving forward?

Visualise how you would like to feel as your day flows… What would you change? embrace? Release?

A few simple questions to ponder...

look at an area you clutter… maybe even sit in this space to really acknowledge what is there.

Ask yourself - Why am I keeping all this stuff I no longer need, use, love or even like?

For what purpose? What can now be removed from this space?

2. Begin with a space clear.

This is the most important step to get some clarity, answers and motivation. Space clearing dissolves all the mental clutter in the home. The memories of your household items, the energy of your conversations, the mental monkey mind that never sleeps are all invisible examples of mental clutter. With this removed from your home – you will be able to see that the decluttering task at hand is quite simple really! It is seen more as a physical ‘job’ or task, without the mental overwhelm and enormity!

● Light natural plant-based incense to set intentions and create a graceful feeling in your home.

● Smudge with sage and Palo Santo to remove the heavies – the old and outdated energy.

● Spray clearing spray to reset the energy and invite a positive emotional state of mind.

For notes and video demo on how to space clear – or products – go to

3. Take a moment to visualise and organise how you are going to set the spaces in your home.

What is the purpose of ‘this’ room? What is my intention for ‘this’ space???

For example – if you have ‘work stuff’ stored in a few different palaces around your home – look at which space can be used to house all ‘work stuff’ – then look at how much storage is needed in that area, after the decluttering process is complete.

(you may be surprised at how little there is to store and house once you have completed the decluttering process!).

When we organise our home into designated spaces to house each subject in our home, we create harmony and flow into our living environment – when there is a little bit of this and that throughout our homes – we create scattered and overwhelmed energy.

4. Start with a space that annoys you the most or motivates you the most.

The one you feel an urgency to unpack and pull apart! This space may not necessarily be the one you think you should start with – however, you need to trust that it is the right one for you to get life moving.

5. Have boxes and bin ready!!

Bin – For rubbish clutter; box for salvos or sell; box for ‘YES’ I am keeping this item... At the end of your decluttering day or hour, make sure the rubbish goes out and the box is in the car ready to drop to the salvos the next time you venture out. If this is not done – there is more chance it will end up in the garage or another room or back in the cupboard!

Decluttering Tips:

Start small – Begin with a shelf; a draw; a basket…. Or maybe a cupboard or tabletop. When you feel a sense of achievement and gratification, you will be able to carry on without creating energetic clutter overwhelm. Be gentle on yourself when you declutter – particularly if you decide to embark on a room or area of the home that has been cluttered for some time.

Ask for support. Share the decluttering process with a friend if this exercise is overwhelming. A healing or NLP session is also a remarkable way to get you started too if you are really in a spot of declutter bother.

Hold onto a vision of how you would like your space to feel and what that would look like – Hold the feel or image of a clean draw or cupboard – a new fresh room or peaceful sleeping space… and imagine your home being able to BREATHE… a home that imbues warmth, harmony and visual soothe…

2022 Feng Shui Forecast

2022 is a year of chaos and CHANGE. As we move closer towards 2023 this energy will intensify.

Creating spaciousness in your days and in your living environment will set a foundation that empowers you to flow with life’s fast changes and emotions as the way we currently live in on a journey into a new and uncharted destination of ‘being’.

The winter months provide us a moment of reflection and stillness. Spring awakens the Feng Shui numerology into a season of movement and growth where we are awakened into action, to put in place the changes needed on our current life path.

I encourage you to be curious and open to change.

To explore the relationship you have with yourself and your home.

Asking the Question, How can I Live Better?

If you are curious about the years energy and how to support your home and your family, contact me at a home with soul for workshop details and information.

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