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Just as Japanese warriors use matcha to gain endurance for wars, you can get up to six hours of energy with Tean Tonic's Platinum Matcha Green Tea. Being 137x more antioxidant than your regular green tea, this matcha tea will fuel you and accelerate calorie burning as you go.

The production of Matcha Tea is very elaborate as the stems and leaf veins are removed so the fleshy part of the leaf remains. Granite stone grinders reduce the leaf to a very fine prized powder.

  • 100% Stone Ground Organic Green Tea
  • 1 cup of Matcha is equal to 10 cups of green tea in terms of health benefits
  • We call it the caviar of tea
  • 30g caffeine per serve (less than half a cup of coffee)

Tea Tonic's matcha tea is an amazing antioxidant - power start your day and boost your metabolism - without getting rid of caffeine yet ensuring zero caffeine crash.

Everybody needs power, stamina and endurance - get yours when you order this Platinum Matcha Green Tea today!

We also have peach matcha green tea & elderflower green tea available.

Need wholesale? Tea Tonic Platinum Matcha Green Tea is available in 500g too!

Note: Only organic Matcha is 100% lead free.

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