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Christmas Candle

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Luxurious and modern Christmas candles with room-filling scents that will transform any space into one filled with festive vibrations and aromas. Each candle includes statement Raw Clear Quartz Crystals, embedded into a blend of creamy soy & coconut wax, cleansing the space and amplifying joyful intentions. 

Sugar Cookie Scent:
This candle will transport you to a cosy, comforting kitchen at Christmas, where the warm scent of freshly baked sugar cookies fills the air.

Watermelon Crush Scent:
Celebrate Christmas in Summer the Australian way bringing a refreshingly sweet twist to your festive season.

Christmas Tree Scent:
Create a space of festive solace with aromas inspired by the iconic Christmas Tree. Featuring notes of fresh pine this crisp, invigorating scent will fill any space with the fragrance of Christmas.


400g approx. 70 hour burn time
200g approx. 35 hour burn time


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